Research Rangers LLC locates, organizes, and provides reliable data to individuals, small businesses, and corporations. We also create basic websites for people, businesses and organizations, for a nominal fee. Each site includes Dublin Core metadata and is neatly arranged. Below are links to some of the sites created by Amy [Proni] Ranger over the past 10 years, in no particular order.

Amy Proni, Library Student—This site includes my very first attempt at creating a website in raw HTML 1.0. The entirety of the site, however, was required as part of my coursework for the Masters Degree in Librarianship at Southern Connecticut State University.

Kim Ranger: Author, Speaker, Librarian—Kim Ranger is a professional academic librarian (U-Michigan, 1989), and became a member of the Grand Rapids Friends Meetings [the Quakers] in 1997. She studied with the Seventh-Day Adventists from 2004–2006 and wrote a memoir titled Seventh-Day Quaker that compares and contrasts these two sects of Christianity, both of which are well-known for pacifism and social justice.

Lori Francis Artwork—Lori Francis is a self-taught artist in northern Florida who paints original works using a variety of media: oil, acrylics, watercolors. Her use of color and stylized imagery are exemplary.

Isher Artifacts—Finest energy weapons in the known universe, and nice “techie” toys, too. Isher Artifacts was founded by Tullio Proni in 1975. Amy Proni (now Amy Ranger) was a partner in the company from 1990–2006.

Windoworks Glass Art—Pamela Benjamin’s stained glass windows, made by hand in Grand Rapids.

Hugh Acton: Timeless Design, Modern Art—Hugh Acton has been designing furniture since the 1950s and is still making pieces by hand at his country estate in Southwest Michigan. Beautiful, unique designs for modern living.

LibraryRanger: Information Literacy—Ideas and links related to the topic of information literacy, because I believe society needs people who can think for themselves and not just follow the party line. Created especially for academic librarians.

Amy Ranger Fiber Arts—This is my Etsy site, where I sell my artwork (primarily hand-felted wool rugs, hats, wraps; hand-painted silk scarves and wraps; and hand-made copper bowls and sculptures).

Last updated 2015-02-15.

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