Research Rangers LLC locates, organizes, and provides reliable data to individuals, small businesses, and corporations. We understand that you have options regarding research: from using local library services to querying multiple search engines in a DIY internet search. We believe that we can offer you something extra in your search for information: Amy Ranger's exceedingly curious intellect and years of training and experience.

Amy Ranger, MLS, a professional librarian, is the owner of Research Rangers. She takes your business seriously and is here to help you and your company succeed. Research Rangers will add value to your company's bottom line by locating data, drawing out information, and building on what is already known about the topic. As a skilled researcher with access to specialized and proprietary databases, Ms. Ranger will provide you with the competitive intelligence necessary to make relevant business decisions today. Ms. Ranger is also willing to prepare current awareness reports on topics you specify; provide document delivery; or perform archival and government research. Ms. Ranger served as an Adjunct Professor for Grand Valley State University during the Winter 2012 semester, teaching secondary research skills to graduate students.

A professional cataloger in academic libraries for over six years, Amy Ranger cataloged a variety of materials, from books to realia,* from sound-recordings to video-recordings, from auction catalogs to annual reports. Ms. Ranger offers contract cataloging services for corporate, organization, personal, and special libraries of books, music, movies or other items. She has also served authors by proofreading, editing, and indexing their works.

Research Rangers also offers clients simple websites, typically built using Open Source software (RapidWeaver) or HTML. And while Ms. Ranger is not a programmer per se, her background in printing and interest in clean design ensures that your website will not be ugly. Her love of metadata means that she understands not only the need for it but also how to code your site so that search engines and internet spiders will notice it. When search engines find your site, your customers will, too.

Research Rangers LLC offers the experience, competence, and professionalism you need. Contact us today to learn how we can help with your research and information needs.

Mission Statement     Our mission is to take every reasonable action to locate, organize, and provide individuals, businesses, and organizations with reliable data to help meet their information needs. Research Rangers values self-respect, equality, integrity, and fairness in all things.
Vision Statement     Research Rangers will be a well-regarded research enterprise and member of the library community by 2020.

* In library classification systems, realia are objects such as coins, tools, games, toys, or other physical objects that do not easily fit into the neat categories of books, periodicals, sound recordings, or the like. …The term refers to three-dimensional objects from real life, whether man-made (artifacts, tools, utensils, etc.) or naturally occurring (specimens, samples, etc.)… Wikipedia. (2008). Realia. Retrieved September 21, 2008 from

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